Okay Ladies Now lets Join the Wig Nation...Say Bye Bye to Beauty Supply Wigs

Okay Ladies Now lets Join the Wig Nation...Say Bye Bye to Beauty Supply Wigs
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Wigs in 2016 have come a long way from when they first became popular. Remember the days of going to the beauty supply in search of natural looking wigs that will look like your real hair, only to find WIGS. The thick bulky, overly shiny, wigs now your trying to contemplate whether its worth it or not to spend all this money and you are going to have to try and figure out how to make this wig look natural???

Not anymore those days are over. Now you have some of the most natural seamless looking weaves and wigs. You may even have to do a double take. These are the wigs that we have long dreamed of and not to mention the added benefit of being able to naturally protect and care for your hair even in your most glamorous moments. I mean you can literally change your hair whenever you change your mind and its just that easy. 

Another added benefit that seals the deals is the fact that you no longer have to spend hours and hours at the hair salon to get the fuller longer hair that you desire. You can put together your glam look instantly including your styling with lace wigs. You can be ready for the runway in minutes.

Being able to remove your wig whenever your ready can also help leverage your hair styling experience an i am almost 100% sure all of us have had a hard time one time or another styling hair extensions or lace wigs. With these natural lace wigs you can easily style your hair ass needed on your mannequin head or stand and achieve that perfectly styled salon look. Insanely easy right?

Dont let me forget to mention how cost effective it is. Now some of you make thing of the word lace wigs or full lace wigs and think $$$. In some cases this can be true just depending on your preferences on the virgin hair textures, lengths, density, and etc. Nevertheless lets say for example you purchase a wig and it initially cost you $700. You can wear your hair as much as you like as many times as you like with benefits such as no shedding, no tangling, and beautiful luster for more than a year. Now on the other hand you go the the beauty supply stores and purchase hair or even the fake virgin hair which cost you $200-$300. It definitely was cheaper in price but also in quality like weft structure, using cheap acids and acid baths to align the cuticles and you end up with a wig that will be tangled, matted, and nearly bald within a few weeks. In turn you have toy purchase new hair extensions. Imagine How many $300 you will end up spending in a year. With the custom lace wigs you save money not only from purchasing hair extensions but you also save from the sometimes costly trips to the beauty salon. 

Im sold on the wig craze I have been wearing mine for months now and I love it. Being able to address critical hair issues with my natural hair is a must and the wigs make it all so simple.

Wont you give one a try.......



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