Synthetic Hair Extensions: Why are they so itchy?? Am I allergic

Synthetic Hair Extensions: Why are they so itchy?? Am I allergic
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Synthetic hair extensions have been around for years being used mostly in braided styles and underneath installation methods like sewing.  Synthetic hair can usually come in bulk meaning there is no weft that the hair is attached to.  With the evolution of hair and hair extensions these naturally kinky or kinky straight textures are added to wefts allowing you to achieve a more natural look. This is amazing considering the upsurge of women that has gone natural and more into protective styles.

There are some cons with synthetic hair as well though.  One being the fact that synthetic hair doesn’t last as long as human hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions  can also can very easily damaged using heated styling tools like curlers or flat irons, or something as simple as friction commonly caused from your hair rubbing against your clothing and outerwear. Not to mention it seems to break some women’s face out.  Despite the cheap price with the synthetic hair extensions most things that sound too good to be true usually are in this case it itches like crazy…

If you’re like me you have used synthetic braiding hair to extend the longevity of your install right?  To only find yourself scratching your head relentlessly like the synthetic hair is attacking your scalp. This aggravating itch possibly is an allergic reaction coming from the alkaline used to coat the synthetic fibers in order to keep the hair from sticking together or tangling and also to make the synthetic hair heat resistant.  The alkaline also aids in the prevention of mold growing on the scalp nevertheless the uncontrollable itch persists. 

After researching various methods at attempting relief from the itchy synthetic hair extensions  it seems that even with the most vigorous techniques including using vinegar and tea tree oil it seems the best way to get rid of the itch is to get rid of the synthetic hair. 

Some alternative methods you could use to the synthetic hair extensions is using human hit extensions instead. Another method is using sewing thread instead to braid your foundation.

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