Our Signature Luxe Wig Collection is our Fan Favorite and Our Most Popular Ready-to-Wear, Handmade Luxury Lace Wig Units. These custom wigs can be worn 100% glueless and each unit comes with an elastic wig band for additional security with glueless wearing. These Units do not need any additional styling or customizations they are completely ready to wear when the unit arrives. Each Signature Luxe Wig Comes Fully Customizable by your desired length, cap size, texture, and custom cap size.
Pre_Made Wigs Include: Pre-made Closure Wigs, Pre-made Frontal Wigs, U-Part Wigs, and Headband Wigs.
Current Shipping Times: Signature Luxe Wigs Collection Ships in 7-14 Business Days to allow our 100% virgin hair to ship internationally, and to allow proper time for professional creation, customization, and styling by LLL. 
If a Signature Luxe Wig is Out-Of-Stock you can ourchase the exact same unit from our Pre-made Wig Collection. This Unit will come Un-customized. Pre-made Units are the perfect alternativeif your going to the hair salon and will have your wig installed by a professional stylist ( their service should include customizations for the most natural look) or if you can customize and style your unit yourself.

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