Love Lavish Luxe is well known for providing Luxury, Custom 100% Virgin Lace Wigs, Hair Extensions, and Lace Pieces. Our Company reflects a High Quality approach Lace Wigs, Hair Extensions, and Lace Pieces. Thoughtfully detailed and meticulously crafted, each Custom Wig is designed for women who are looking to have the ability to change up your look, and the ease to install your wig at home yourself.

  Our Custom Signature Luxe Wigs are professionally crafted in-house, with great precision and attention to detail.. 

  For women hair often plays a leading role in the ultimate self-image. At Lavish Luxe we go Beyond the bounds of beauty. we are influenced by self-confidence, effortlessness, and the ability to simplify your hair routine. We are an online seeking to be the worlds leading source for exclusive industry quality Virgin Indian Hair Extensions. We assist in making understanding Wig Wearing, Hair extensions, and any other questions you may have easy. we pride ourselves on providing you with exclusive access to the highest quality of hair. As we grow we will remain dedicated to our true Mission of keeping our customers first, ensuring our clients are happy with their Lavish Luxe experience and consistently delivering the most luxurious hair products and haircare.



  Love Lavish Luxe was founded by Crystal Carter in 2015. Crystals years of work and appreciation for Hair Care, Hair Extensions, And Wig Making is shaped by an upbringing and background in everything hair since a very young age. Crystal views Wearing Wigs as an Individual Expression of Beauty, Culture and Identity and approaches her work with Love Lavish Luxe as a Pro Celebrity Wigmaker and Hairstylist as a way of allowing her clients to explore to achieve ones desired look without having to commit to one permanent look.

  She is inspired by both Healthy Hair Care and Protection, and saving time on styling, as well as Hair Extensions and Wigs, Keeping this in mind she used an innovative approach by bringing them together and created The Crystal Carter Collection Wigs. These are “Glueless” Fully Customized and Styled Lace Wigs. Love Lavish Luxe will continue to provide the highest quality Hair Extension and Lace Wigs for our Luxe Babes and Always Exceed Your Exceptions.




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