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Have you ever dreamed of starting your own Line of beauty Products?


Welcome to Lavish Luxe Direct


You have now taken the next step towards providing your clients and customers with the highest quality of Virgin Hair Products and accessories including our Mink and Cashmere Collections Virgin Indian Hair, High Quality Lace Frontal And Closures, And our most sought after Wig Collections including Lace Closure And Frontal Wigs, Upart Wigs, And Full Lace Wigs. Lavish Luxe offers a variety of wholesale value packages and programs to perfectly accommodate you and your customers needs, and we also specialize in providing you private label ready products in bulk, allowing you the opportunity to create and Launch your very own Luxury Brand. Whether you are planning to offer luxury bundles to your clientele to establish more income, or you plan to create an entire Luxury Brand, Lavish Luxe will be with you every step of the way to help you launch and grow your hair extension and wig business most efficiently. Give your business the best opportunity for major growth and success by offering the right products such as our Industry Quality Virgin 100% Indian Human Hair Extensions, Various HD Lace Hair Pieces, Custom Machine And Handmade Wigs, And much much more. The possibilities are ENDLESS. Join Our Lavish Luxe Affiliates program and get ready to take your company and brand to new levels of profits and success.



What makes Lavish Luxe Different?


Our Luxury Virgin Hair is sourcebook ed and imported from the biggest manufacturing plants centrally located in the biggest center of human hair collection and distribution. Our manufacturing plants contain more than 150 employees, advanced equipment, and the best management team. We are highly engaged in the researching, development, and creation of the highest quality of hair products. We never stop on improving our hair processing, coloring, and texturizing techniques. Our entire product line complies with international standard and we have earned an exceptional reputation for our superior Quality, competitive pricing, and fast and prompt shipping process. Our very strict quality control and skilled employees ensure that you will be selling only the best quality hair products to your customers. We have no language barrier meaning we will be able to connect, identify, and successfully provide you with your exact needs. 


We offer a wide variety of of colors, styles, lengths, and textures to suit you and your customers needs. Whatever style is required we will assist in helping you find the perfect solution for your company. Lavish Luxe products will exceed you and your customers expectations. Lavish Luxe definitely goes the extra mile to satisfy all of your companies need because we are are a team, when your business grows our business grows so we pride ourselves on supplying nothing but the best hair products and accessories to help your business successfully grow.



What is private label and why should you choose private label over brand names?


Private label is the opportunity to creating your own unique line of products. Private label would be more beneficial You you as an owner because your profits margins will be higher which will generate more income and help you grow your business with your OWN Brand Name. In today’s competitive market having an exclusive line of products is the perfect way to gain leverage over your competition and builds brand loyalty.


 There are several ways your brand can stand out amongst your competitors most importantly your logo and packaging. The overall visual appearance and artwork of your parading are vital to your brands success. We can work with you and your designer to help bring your brand to life with custom packaging, and labels to help create an eye-catching brand identity.


 Please email your request to and be sure to include your requirements including desired products, quantity, hair length, color, and texture and we will quote you our best price. 


Lavish Luxe looks forward to serving you with premium quality, competitive prices, and top quality first class service.