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Our New KAI T-PAT UNIT is perfect for those who don’t really change your parts on your units and like a simple and easy to slay style. She comes with a customized middle part #30 highlights, and soft curls. The Lace goes down the parting area. These units also include lace around the hairline giving the natural hairline look without the maintenance or having to use adhesive.
Perfect Unit for beginners who are just starting their wig and hair growth journey.

Great Protective Style.


22" T-Part Wig Plus 1/2 22"  Blonde Bundle

Hair Density: 180%  

Hair color: Natural with highlights

Hair texture: Body Wave

Wig Length: 22” 

Cap Size: Expandable 

Hair Quality: 100% Virgin Human Hair


Additional Information

Beginner Friendly 

Can be worn Glue-less or with Adhesive 

 Unit comes with elastic bands and wig combs


Maintenance Tips:

•When styling, use wide toothed comb to pull apart curls and style as desired,

•Use Argon Oil to add shine and keep your T-Part Unit Moisturized.

•Shampoo your wig as needed according to product buildup (co-washes with conditioner can be used in between to keep product buildup low)

•If Possible let your wig air dry (if not let your wig sit in front of the hair dryer)

•Store your wig on a mannequin head or in it’s pack or box to keep the quality of the hair and keep your unit looking new and maintained.

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