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No More Helmet Wigs!!!!

Lay It Flat Wig Wax Stick has the perfect amount of hold and is non flaking so you can lay your lace closure or lace frontal wig flat flat. Using all organic ingredients The Lay it Flat Stick is perfect and safe for your lace closure and lace frontal wigs. It also eliminates stubborn flyaways so that your lace looks completely smooth, flat, and natural. 


1. Apply Lay it Flat Wig Wax Styling Stick to the hairline and to the parting area of your lace wig. 
2. Use a heated styling tool or straightening comb to blend and lay the Lay It Flat Wax into your lace closure or lace frontal. 
3. enjoy all day hold and slayed edges 

4. Apply lightly to flyaways and brush.