Liquid Gold Organic Hair & Edge Rapid Growth Drops

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PREORDER - Liquid Gold Hair & Edge Rapid Growth Drops is an essential and blushing blend of raw organic and essential oils that provides your hair with the vitamins and nutrients it’s needs to support:

  • Hydrates and protects hair
  • Supports normal hair follicle function
  • Encourages healthy scalp circulation
  • Imparts softness, sheen and manageability
  • Excellent for scalp conditions including dandruff and itching

Effective for all hair types!

Our Rapid Growth Hair Oil Will encourage Rapid Growth of thinning and balding hair spots and edges from shedding, breakage, and damage from wearing lace adhesives. 

Recommended Use: Every 1-2 Days for the Maximum  Hair Growth Results 



1. Part Hair and apply drops to Parted area directly onto scalp

2. If wearing a protective style apply Liquid Gold Directly to your parts between your braids

3. Massage Scalp for 1-3 Minutes

4. Repeat Every 1-2 Days  

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